Venezuelan Women Are Leading the Charge to Construct a Prosperous and Democratic Venezuela

However, once they arrive, they are unable to leave and find themselves either working for no pay or engaging in sex work when they expected to be doing something else. Provide increased technical and financial support for governments’ prevention and response systems. Even if host countries have sound anti-trafficking plans in place, limited capacity hinders implementation. Donors and governments need to provide adequate funding and technical expertise to support host countries’ anti-trafficking efforts. Regularize Venezuelans’ legal status.If Venezuelans are already in a country but are undocumented, host country governments need to create mechanisms whereby Venezuelans can register and obtain legal status, including the right to work. Venezuelans are less likely to report trafficking if they fear becoming known to the authorities.

  • In the following years, they tried to validate their marriage in Venezuela through a judicial homologation process.
  • Is under 18 and not traveling through this process accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and as such is a child whom the inspecting officer would determine to be an unaccompanied child.
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  • Extensive research was carried out during the first half of 2022, virtually and in the field, including visits to Lima and Tumbes in Peru, and Bogotá, Cúcuta and Soacha in Colombia.

For Venezuelan migrants who become sex workers, verbal harassment can be a form of xenophobia. Of the 1,032,016 Venezuelans that migrated to Colombia before September 2018, 51.8% were women, according to the Caracas Chronicles, a news and analysis organization in Venezuela. Many, like Maria, have been forced to turn to sex work due to the lack of stable, well-paying economic opportunities available without legal documentation to work in Colombia. If you need legal advice on immigration matters, make sure the person helping you is authorized to give legal advice.

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We do not accept any government or UN funding, ensuring the independence and credibility of our work. Inform trafficking victims of their basic rights and provide access to legal assistance.Legal protection is critical for victims to feel secure. Governments should organize education sessions with incoming Venezuelans and distribute materials about victims’ rights in Spanish.

The sector went from selling 714 million units of medicine in 2014 to as little as 180 million units in 2021—a drop of 75 percent. WELCOME is building a network of advocates and using innovative behavioral science to stop street harassment at supermarkets, one of the main places where Venezuelan women in Trinidad and Tobago say harassment occurs. Safe Schools is testing an approach in Colombia to combat xenophobia in schools that prioritizes research that looks at how boys and girls experiences are different. LOOP is finding ways to employ women in Peru with temporary positions and is launching a media campaign where Venezuelan women will tell their own stories to reduce xenophobia. When people are forced to flee their homes, they are at greater risk of exploitation. Human trafficking has been a persistent problem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

After the supporter files the Form I-134A with USCIS, we will review the form and supporting evidence to ensure that the supporter has sufficient financial resources to support the beneficiary for the duration of the parole period and conduct background checks on the supporter. We will determine whether the Form I-134A is sufficient, and we may request additional evidence to make our determination.

Viewpoint: The Moment Is Right to Rectify the Women’s Healthcare Crisis in Venezuela

A woman from Venezuela does not need a lot of convincing to change her life, especially if it’s an obviously positive change like moving abroad for marriage. This is why Venezuelan mail order brides are not intimidated by the prospect of marrying a foreign man and moving with him overseas and are, in fact, excited by it. Dr. Galvis visits with a new mother at Erasmo Meoz University Hospital, which delivers about 5,000 babies to Venezuelan mothers every year. “This hospital is open to anyone who needs medical attention,” he says.Daniela, a new mom, nurses her baby after giving birth. Project HOPE is providing doctors, nurses, gynecologists, medical equipment, and more to help Colombia’s hospitals provide care to thousands of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in need.

The impact of the Venezuelan crisis continues to expand, disproportionately impacting women across Latin America and the Caribbean. Of the over 5 million Venezuelans who have left their homeland and crossed international borders, at least 40 percent identify as female. The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003 requires foreign governments to provide the U.S. Department of State with data on trafficking investigations, prosecutions, convictions, and sentences to fully meet the TVPA’s minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Screen for human trafficking indicators among incoming Venezuelans.Government officials, especially those working in immigration and humanitarian assistance, need to be trained to identify human trafficking cases and respond appropriately. Expand legal pathways for Venezuelans to enter host countries.In countries where Venezuelans can enter, but which currently require documents that are nearly impossible to obtain, governments should find practical alternatives to these entry requirements. This case was brought against Venezuela under allegations of harassment and physical and verbal assault toward journalists, including some female journalists, by state actors over a period of four years.

The Court of Appeal for Violence Against Women on January 8, 2016 dismissed the appeal action and ratified the decision of the lower court and determined that the apprehension of the accused before his conviction did not represent a violation of the law. The appellate court ratified the criteria of the lower court according to which those defendants who are linked to the act of people trafficking and gender violence can be arrested before issuing a conviction decision, if deemed appropriate by the authorities.

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Dissenting judges argued that the special court’s jurisdiction was confined to gender-based crimes and that the majority opinion would result in a separate system of justice for each gender. Despite the industry’s legality in Colombia, sex workers are not guaranteed workers’ rights. According to the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme, a program that provides evidence-based knowledge and policy options to help achieve legal reform and tackle poverty, sex workers in Colombia are required to attend health checks. After completing Step 3, the beneficiary will receive a notice in their online account confirming whether CBP will, in its discretion, provide them with advance authorization to travel to the United States to seek a discretionary grant of parole on a case-by-case basis. As part of confirming eligibility in their online account, individuals who seek authorization to travel to the United States must confirm that they meet public health requirements, including certain vaccination requirements. Once beneficiaries receive their travel authorization, they should arrange to fly directly to their final destination in the United States. Upon arrival at the interior port of entry, individuals will be inspected by CBP and required to submit additional information, to include fingerprints, for further biometric vetting, and then be considered for a discretionary grant of parole.

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